The Porsche Taycan Silver is the brand’s first fully electric sports car and sets interior design standards. Physical buttons are almost all replaced by touchscreens, making for a tidy and sleek cabin. Inside the Taycan, the 10.9-inch center dashboard screen and 16.8-inch curved display behind the steering wheel provide essential information for drivers. Four different modes let you customize how you see that information.

Comfort & Convenience

The Porsche taycan Silver is an EV sedan that showcases the true capability of electric vehicles. Its engine options and luxury features give it an edge over other electric cars. The Taycan is powered by two permanent magnet synchronous motors linked to a 93.4 kWh performance battery plus an advanced two-speed transmission that delivers 522 horsepower for the 4S and 590 for the GTS, all of which can rocket from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.8 seconds with Launch Control. Moreover, it can also hit a top speed of 161 MPH with the range-topping Turbo S model.

Comfort & Convenience

Its 800-volt electrical system allows Porsche to extract more performance from its batteries, decrease the weight of the powertrain and reduce charging times. This makes the Taycan a much more practical option for drivers who must travel long distances or make frequent stops at a charging station. With this system, the Taycan can go from 5% battery to 80% in about 20 minutes, so you can easily reach your destination without worrying about running out of charge or losing power. Its maximum charge capacity also doubles that of many EV models, which is another huge advantage for this vehicle.

In addition, the Taycan can be charged with the same type of charging stations used to recharge most conventional gasoline-powered vehicles. This means it can be charged at a DC Fast Charging station in less than an hour, making it a practical and convenient choice for commuting or long-distance drives. The interior of the Taycan is luxurious and comfortable. It includes a Sport Chrono stopwatch instrument dial, Chalk Beige seat belts, illuminated door sills, and the Porsche crest on the headrests.

Inside, the Taycan has plenty of storage space, an essential feature for New Brunswick drivers who must transport many items on a long road trip. It also features a large center console that can be divided into separate compartments. The Taycan is also available in various colors, including Dolomite Silver Metallic, Mamba Green Metallic, and Volcano Grey Metallic. Whether you prefer a bold, dynamic color or something more subtle, you can find the perfect option for your new Porsche Taycan at our dealership.


The Porsche taycan Silver is one of the latest additions to Porsche’s lineup, and it comes in several exciting colors. These include black, white, ice gray metallic, jet black metallic, and dolomite silver metallic. The exterior of the Taycan is striking and incredibly dynamic. It features a low roofline and dynamic guidelines that make it a great-looking car in any situation.

Exterior  of Porsche Taycan

It’s available in 10 exterior color options, including white, jet black metallic, ice gray metallic, dolomite silver metallic, and others. These colors are all available in a wide variety of shades so that you can find the perfect match for your tastes. You can even have a custom option added to your vehicle. This will allow you to paint your vehicle in any color you like. In addition to this, you can also have the vehicle customized with your choice of interior colors. This will allow you to show off your personality and style with your new car. The interior of the Porsche taycan is comfortable and luxurious. It features a 2+2 seating concept and heated front seats. It has an advanced infotainment system with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

This system has a large 16.8-inch curved touchscreen display that you can use to navigate your Porsche. It’s also a great place to listen to your favorite music playlists.Another interesting interior feature is that it offers a lot of storage space. You can get up to 15 cubic feet of cargo room in the trunk, and the rear is also more spacious.

Adding to its practicality, the porsche taycan is equipped with safety features such as forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking. The automaker also adds lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, and adaptive cruise control to its options. The Porsche taycan is a unique car that will surely be a popular option for many people when released. If you want to learn more about this incredible new Porsche, contact us at Porsche of Colorado Springs today!


Technology is critical to a vehicle’s performance and comfort, so Porsche constantly develops new features to make their vehicles more engaging. The Taycan silver is no exception, and the 2022 model is equipped with several impressive technologies to make driving more fun and efficient.

The Porsche Taycan is also a leader in charge times and electric range, making it an ideal choice for drivers looking to switch to an EV lifestyle. With a maximum charging capacity of 800V, the Taycan can charge its battery up to twice as quickly as many other electric cars on the market.

Technology of Porsche taycan

Despite the high power output of its electric motors, the Porsche Taycan is still remarkably compact. The electric motors under the front and rear axle are cleverly integrated into the body shell structure to help reduce weight. In addition, the electric drive system is connected to the chassis via a central controller. This ensures that all systems are synchronized in real-time.

Another significant development is air suspension. With three-chamber technology, it adjusts the air pressure in the struts as soon as necessary – for example, when accelerating or braking. This increases comfort and ensures a smooth ride. This enables the Taycan to adapt its suspension for different road conditions, for example, when tackling a slippery slope or entering a tunnel. The system can be set in several modes, ranging from a standard level to a shallow lift at speeds up to 90 km/h.

The Taycan’s air suspension can be adjusted to a lower introductory spring rate, making it more comfortable for the driver and passengers. This makes it suitable for everyday driving and helps achieve the best possible climate comfort, especially when traveling long distances. Alternatively, the driver can control the air-conditioning using an optionally available heat pump. It uses waste heat from the powertrain to heat the car’s interior efficiently, reducing energy consumption and improving climate comfort.


In the all-electric vehicles world, Porsche has upped its game with this one. From the ride to the cockpit, this Taycan is a truly all-Porsche experience that will have you returning for more. The interior is spacious and incredibly comfortable, thanks to clever design and intelligent ergonomics. Comfort is also improved with acoustic glazing that helps reduce noise levels, which can be quite a distraction in noisy cities.

There are lots of safety features on the Taycan, including blind-spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control that can help you avoid accidents and keep your distance from other cars. Lane-keep assist is also standard and can help you navigate traffic. Autonomous emergency braking is another excellent feature, which can detect cyclists and pedestrians and stop the car before it causes a crash. In some tests, it avoided or mitigated the crashes in which it was called to action.

The car’s rigidity also means it does better in crash tests like the full-width barrier test, where the Taycan protects all its passengers in a way other electric vehicles don’t. This is because the Taycan’s structure has “crumple zones” that dissipate the energy of a crash instead of passing it on to its occupants.

Safety features of porsche taycan

This is a big deal in these crash tests, where a vehicle is sent at 40 mph into a barrier representing another car. In this test, the Taycan protected its dummies in green across the body, sustaining only minor injuries to their knees and femurs. The Porsche Taycan silver also has an advanced airbag system that can provide extra protection in a crash. This system has been tested and proven effective in helping prevent serious injury during a crash, especially for front-seat passengers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Safety Features Does The Porsche Taycan Silver Have?

A: The Porsche Taycan Silver has various safety features, including blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, and autonomous emergency braking. It also has an advanced airbag system that provides extra protection during a crash.

Q: How Does The Suspension Of The Taycan Work?

A: The Taycan has a three-chamber air suspension system. It adjusts the air pressure in the struts to provide increased comfort and a smooth ride. It can be set in different modes, ranging from standard to shallow lift at speeds up to 90 km/h, and can also be adjusted to a lower introductory spring rate for everyday driving.

Q: Does Taycan Have A Heat Pump?

A: Yes, it does. The optional heat pump uses waste heat from the powertrain to efficiently heat the car’s interior and reduce energy consumption. This helps to improve climate comfort, especially when traveling long distances.


Whether you’re looking for a sporty or luxurious electric car, the Porsche Taycan Silver is a perfect choice. With its excellent safety features and comfortable interior, it’s sure to make your travels both safe and enjoyable.  Plus, with its advanced air suspension system and heat pump option, you can enjoy improved comfort and climate control no matter where your journey takes you. Discover the power of Porsche today with the Taycan Silver!

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