A new car is coming out, the 2020 Porsche Demo Sale Taycan 4S. Here are some of the key features you can expect to find in this luxury SUV. One of these features is the Transmission w/Driver Selectable Mode. The color of this car is White, and it also has a black interior.

2020 Porsche Demo Sale Taycan 4S Features

The 2020 Porsche Taycan is a cutting-edge all-electric sports sedan with a futuristic design and high-tech features. Its design emphasises performance, style, and interior comfort. But, despite its impressive capabilities, the Taycan is not a cheap car.

2020 Porsche Demo Sale Taycan 4S Features

The Taycan features an electric drivetrain, all-wheel drive, and high-performance acceleration. It’s built with two electric motors and uses a two-speed automatic transmission to deliver maximum power and torque. This is unlike the Tesla Model 3 and Model S, which have only one gear.


While Porsche doesn’t provide the exact specifications, the Taycan does come standard with a lot of features. It’s standard with wireless Apple CarPlay, heated seats, a navigation system, and a remote monitoring system. It also has a curved instrument panel, parking sensors, and ambient lighting. The Taycan 4S is available in a variety of trim levels, including a performance model. The Performance Battery Plus version features a leather-free interior, a fixed panoramic roof, and Glacier Blue LED Matrix headlights. The Performance Battery Plus version also adds an optional sound system known as the Porsche Electric Sport Sound, which makes fake noises when the car is speeding up. The Performance Battery Plus version of the Taycan 4S is valued at $232,790 before on-road expenses.

Transmission Driver Selectable Mode

The 2020 Porsche Demo Sale Taycan 4S transmission is equipped with a driver selectable mode for improved performance. With its driver selectable mode, the car allows the driver to change gears and select driving modes. The vehicle also features a curved digital display. With its advanced connectivity features, drivers can keep track of performance, efficiency, and charge levels. The interior of the car is also available in dynamic colors and materials, including Race-Tex.

Transmission Driver Selectable Mode

The Taycan’s battery and charging algorithm have been updated, increasing its range and speed. This system also provides better fuel efficiency. The Taycan has an 800-volt architecture and can recharge at a rate of 270 kWh with a DC fast charger. Its infotainment display features a more responsive user interface and new functions such as wireless Android Auto and search for charging stations.

The new Taycan is also equipped with Variable Light Control. This feature, previously available only in the GTS version, has been added to all Taycan models that feature a panoramic glass roof. Variable Light Control helps drivers avoid scalp overheating. It also features active anti-roll bars to enhance stability. You can experience the power of the Taycan in a driving demo at a Porsche Experience Center.

Exterior: White

The 2020 Porsche Demo Sale Taycan 4S comes in a variety of colors. The base trim comes with 19-inch wheels, LED interior and exterior lighting, keyless entry, leather upholstery, nine-way power seats, digital instrument cluster, dual-zone automatic climate control, launch control, and a touchscreen infotainment system with navigation and Apple CarPlay.

The Taycan is available in three trims: base, Turbo, and S. The base model has a sedan body style, a single rear-mounted electric motor, and two-speed transmission. The base model’s powertrain provides 402 horsepower and a range of 225 miles. The base model can reach sixty mph in 5.1 seconds.

Interior: Black

The 2020 Porsche Demo Sale Taycan 4S is a stunning sedan that comes with the latest technology and a luxurious interior. Featuring a supple leather interior and world-class engineering, this four-door luxury SUV is the ultimate in luxury. This model has a low mileage, low price tag, and comes with a CARFAX Buyback Guarantee to protect your investment.

The 2020 Porsche Taycan is the first all-electric sedan to come from the Porsche stable. It offers seven hundred and fifty horsepower with two electric motors. It has an impressive top speed of 161 mph and can accelerate from 0-60 in just 2.6 seconds. The Taycan’s sleek and modernized design will surely appeal to the daredevil in you.

Interior: Black

Transmission: 2-Speed

Porsche’s 2020 Taycan sports a new transmission system: a two-speed automatic at the rear. The new technology is designed to help the car accelerate and run more efficiently at higher speeds. The car’s first gear stays in place until 62 mph, utilizing the torque factor from the electric motor to move into a lower, more efficient gear.

The Taycan has a maximum driving range of 227 miles. It has two electric motors on each axle and produces 562 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque. The transmission is backed by a 93.4-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. It has two drive modes: manual and automatic.

2 12V DC Power Outlets

The Porsche Taycan is a battery-powered vehicle that boasts an 800-volt architecture and a charging capacity of 270 kW. Moreover, it features Plug & Charge functionality for convenient charging and payment. This system connects the Taycan to a charging station via encrypted communication and starts the charging process as soon as the plug is inserted. Other features of the Taycan include a colour head-up display, on-board charger with a 22-kW charging capacity, and adaptive air suspension with Smartlift.

The battery of the 2020 Porsche Demo Sale Taycan 4S is installed low and centrally, ensuring low centre of gravity and sporty driving characteristics. Its integrated battery housing is a key component of the vehicle’s body structure and accommodates cooling elements. It also protects the electronic components from environmental influences.

The Taycan is available with two battery types: standard performance battery plus. The latter comes with more power and enhanced sound quality. It can also be equipped with Apple podcasts and other multimedia options. Other standard features of the Taycan include LED headlights, Advanced Climate Control, and a multi-function sports steering wheel. The interior of the Taycan 4S is available with partial leather upholstery and dual-zone climate control. The base model will have rear-wheel-drive.

2020 Porsche Demo Sale Taycan 4S Mileage: 10338

In the 2020 model year, the Porsche Taycan will come in seven new colors. The soul of the Taycan means performance. And its new 800-volt architecture provides charge power of up to 270 kW. This means that you can enjoy the performance of the Taycan, even without running a single drop of gas.

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The 2020 Porsche Demo Sale Taycan 4S offers a range of advanced features, including a driver-selectable transmission mode and a sleek white exterior with a black interior. This luxury electric sports sedan showcases cutting-edge technology, an electric drivetrain, and all-wheel drive for high-performance acceleration. With its two-speed automatic transmission, the Taycan delivers power and torque efficiently. The interior boasts luxurious features like leather upholstery, digital instruments, and a touchscreen infotainment system with navigation. The Taycan’s 800-volt architecture enables rapid charging, while Variable Light Control and active anti-roll bars enhance both comfort and stability. The 2020 Taycan is a remarkable all-electric sports sedan that combines luxury, performance, and innovative technology.

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The Taycan lineup offers three body styles to choose from. There is the Sedan, Cross Turismo, and Sport Turismo. Each offers a unique combination of performance and style, along with an exhilarating ride. Its sleek, aerodynamic styling is sure to attract a variety of drivers.

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